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UGA Study Abroad Australia Queensland: Sydney, Brisbane, Outback, Sunshine Coast, Great Barrier Reef, Tropical Rainforest

May 9 – June 3, 2015; $2995


7 credits (a wide variety of courses is available) and open to all majors (most courses have no pre-requisites) as well as out-of-state and non-UGA students (at in-state tuition rates). Application deadline is March 19 (email us if applying after this date for available spaces).


Enjoy the Maymester break in Australia on a program that explores human/cultural and environment relations from a sustainable use perspective while observing the behavior of iconic Australian animals in a close-up field setting. Sustainability is a defining global issue and, over the past several decades, Australia has made critical advances in green politics, economics and lifestyle behaviors, as well as in indigenous relations and in recognizing its population as a multi-cultural society, to become one of the most progressive countries in the world.  The program adopts an integrated approach, allowing us to draw upon multiple disciplines to address how we manage and sustain the diverse environments (on which we are all dependent) in a rapidly changing and global world.

We travel to several distinctly different areas (all in Queensland, except for Sydney): the Great Barrier Reef on the isolated Lady Elliot Island eco-resort (where we snorkel and dive to study first hand the incredible marine life); the vast expanse of the Outback (where we explore the wildlife and aboriginal culture including the indigenous art of Carnarvon Gorge); the stunning Noosa region of the Sunshine Coast (where we examine contemporary issues arising from trying to balance growth and eco-tourism development and experience one of Australia’s best surfing beaches); the incredible biodiversity and scenic beauty of a pristine sub-tropical Gondwanaland rainforest at Lamington National Park (where we hike extensively and discover the geological and biotic factors that produce a megadiverse community); and the sophisticated urban metropolises of Sydney and Brisbane (in Sydney, often touted as the number one place to live in the world, we examine urban issues and the politics of sustainable planning). We stay a few days in the Rocks (an historic area of early European colonization and immediately adjacent to the iconic Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, and the Harbor Bridge). Along the way we explore the world famous Australian Zoo (of Steve Irwin fame) and enjoy hands-on experiences during a homestay at a working station (ranch). Weather in Queensland in May is typically near perfect, with abundant sunshine and daily temperatures of 60-85°F


The program is open to all students from UGA and from other institutions (non-UGA students pay in-state tuition), and no prior knowledge is assumed. An optional add-on 8-day program in Fiji (3 credits), 17-day service-learning program in Fiji (4 credits), or 13 days in Tahiti (3 credits) in early June is available at the end of this program. Email and or/download the sample itinerary for more information. Click here to apply now.

Credits and Costs

Select any two courses from the following (Note: 4271 must be taken for at least 4 credits); for example you can take 4 credits of ANTH 4271 and 3 credits of BIOL 3720L, or 4 credits of ANTH 4271 and 3 credits of INTL 4271:


* Sustaining Human Societies and the Natural Environment (ANTH/ECOL/FANR/GEOG/INTL 4271/6271) 4 or 7 credits (meets UGA Writing Certificate requirements)


* Field Animal Behavior (BIOL 3720L) 3 credits (BIOL 1108 is a prerequisite or Permission of Instructor, email us for details).


The 3000, 4000, and 5000 level courses are for undergraduate students and 6000 level courses are for graduates and honors students. Any of the following course prefixes can be selected: ANTH (Anthropology), BIOL (Biology), ECOL (Ecology), FANR (Forestry and Natural Resources), GEOG (Geography), and INTL (International Affairs). (Note: INTL 4271H replaces INTL 6271.)


Program cost includes all accommodations, field excursions, cultural events, insurance, in-country ground transportation, and many meals. Tuition (HOPE applies and out-of-state or non-UGA students pay in-state tuition) and airfare (optional group rate, departing and returning to Los Angeles, available click here for details) are additional. We also strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for these tickets (at approximately $25) and deposit deadline is March 15. The major international carriers permit a lay-over in Fiji or Tahiti on the return flight to the U.S. typically for minimal extra cost.

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